Baltic Assembly on cooperation on alcohol: “with a targeted approach and without delay”

On 25-26 October 2018 in Vilnius, parliamentarians and governmental representatives from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania convened for the 37th Session of the Baltic Assembly to discuss current affairs and cooperation of the Baltic States, also in alcohol policy, among other topics.

Alongside the Session of the Baltic Assembly, the 24th Baltic Council, a cooperation platform for parliaments and governments, was convened. Members of the Baltic Assembly jointly with representatives of the Baltic Council of Ministers evaluated the implementation of the joint priorities of 2018 and defined objectives of cooperation for 2019.

A resolution of the 37th Session of the Baltic Assembly was adopted which also highlighted the importance of continued and improved cooperation in alcohol policy.

The resolution stated the following:

“In regard to the cooperation in the field of reduction of alcohol consumption:
– with a targeted approach and without delay, to implement agreed decisions stated in the Memorandum of Intent on Cooperation in Reduction of Alcohol Consumption, Smoking and Tackle Morbidity Trends Related to Nutrition;
– to coordinate activities of relevant institutions of the Baltic States in regard to the implementation of European and global action plans and other strategic documents in regard to alcohol policies;
– to elaborate a specific action plan for cooperation of the Baltic States in reducing alcohol-related harm for the people of the Baltic States;
– to foster cross-border cooperation of municipalities of the Baltic States in developing community-based prevention;
– to strengthen direct contacts of relevant experts and intensify exchange of information on policies and best practices among the Baltic States;
– welcoming the current framework of cooperation, to strengthen joint measures and intensify coordination of activities among law-enforcement institutions of the Baltic States to fight against smuggling of alcohol and tobacco in the Region;
– to organise meetings of the tax experts of the Baltic States at least four times a year to ensure regular exchange of information among the Baltic States;
– to ensure exchange of information among relevant stakeholders, especially in the process of elaborating new policies, action plans and taxation;
– to elaborate joint measures against the challenge of ‘cosmetic spirit’ in the Region;
– to promote involvement of NGOs and civil society in educating people of the Baltic States about the harmful impact of alcohol use;
– to organise joint social campaigns in the Baltic States to raise public awareness thus strengthening public support and understanding (for example, ‘O degree’, campaigns against drunk driving, etc.);
– to elaborate joint proposals of the Baltic States for a European action plan to reduce the harmful use of alcohol beyond 2020;
– to promote joint research projects in this field among the Baltic States.”

Read the full resolution HERE