he NordAN board is responsible for the daily management of the network and consists of a president elected by the entire assembly of representatives and one representative from each member country elected only by the members of the assembly coming from that country. The NordAN board decisions are made in consensus, and if consensus cannot be reached the matter is referred to the assembly of representatives. The board appoints the secretary and decides on the terms of employment.

The Board of NordAN

Peter Allebeck
Peter Allebeck is professor of Social Medicine at the Department of Public Health Sciences KI, and also has a position at CES, Stockholm County Council. His main area of research is Mental Health and in particular epidemiology of  alcohol and substance use. Since 1 January he has a half time position as Secretary General for FORTE, Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare.

Árni Einarsson
Árni Einarsson is born in 1955 and has a master degree in education and pedagogy from the University of Iceland (Faculty of Social Sciences); studied also as an exchange student at the University of Guelph in Canada. Árni has also attended various courses in pedagogy, education and prevention and participated in numerous national, nordic and international conferences and seminars on youth, pedagogy, prevention and alcohol and drug problems. Also a former elementary school teacher and principal and guest lecturer at secondary school and university level for many years. Prevention project leader in the Ministry of Health and Social Security 1989.
Árni has an extensive experience working with NGO‘s at local, national and international level for over 40 years as a board member or project leader. At the NGO level his main subjects have been within education, sports and youth work, parent‘s cooperation and alcohol and drug prevention.
Árni has been member of various political committees in his local municipality since 1998 and a (elected) member of his local town council since 2002 and as such been involved in all traditional, political and statutory issues of municipalities during that time.
Árni has been Managing Director of Fræðsla og forvarnir (Information Center on Alcohol and Drug Prevention) since 1993 and board member of NordAN since 2004.

Stig Erik Sørheim
Stig Erik Sørheim is Head of the International Department at Actis – Norwegian Policy Network on Alcohol and Drugs and President of EURAD (Europe for Action on Drugs).Stig Erik earned his Cand. Philol. degree at theUniversityof Oslo. He spent nine years with the Norwegian Directorate for Health as a senior adviser in alcohol and drug policy, public health and health in equalities.He is also on the board of the European Alcohol Policy Alliance and the Nordic Alcohol and Drug Policy Network.

Sven-Olov Carlsson
Sven-Olov works as a project manager since the beginning of this year in the Swedish drug policy project – Prevent, don’t promote. The project is organized by The Educational Association of the Sobriety Movement, NBV in collaboration with the Swedish Council on Alcohol and Drugs, SLAN. The purpose of the project is to increase knowledge and involvement in drug policy and debate among people engaged in NBVs och SLANs membership organizations and those that are worried and concerned about the drug problem but not necessarily directly engaged.”

Anne Babb

Nijole Goustataite Midttun
Nijole Gostautaite Midttun is a psychiatrist and director of the nonprofit organization “Mental health initiative”. She is an active mental health advocate and her work involves research and analysis, training and organization development. She has clinical psychiatry experience in variety of settings in Lithuania and Norway, as well as additional background of health psychology and experience in developing social work programs in Lithuania. She has more than 15 years of training and teaching experience: some of the courses involve Counseling for Health, Team Work in Mental Health, and she has been teaching Health Advocacy in Vilnius University since 2009 in Erasmus Mundus program. Some of the recent projects involve development of the program for mentally ill persons “Parenting for health”, assessment of accessibility program for services for children using psychoactive substances, feasibility of mandatory treatment for dependent persons and alcohol advertisement monitoring. N.G. Midttun is closely involved in alcohol and tobacco control policy as a board member of the Lithuanian Coalition for Tobacco and Alcohol Control and has organized on behalf of NordAN the first seminar on Alcohol marketing monitoring in Vilnius in 2013.

Solvit Nolsø

Andrus Lipand


Lauri Beekmann
Executive director

Contact: Beekmann@nordan.org

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