NordAN General Assembly adopts a resolution on a specific topic at each GA meeting during the annual conference. These are the past resolutions.

2021. Vilnius, Lithuania – Effective alcohol policies are hampered by industry interference

2020. Zoom – Alcohol – a risk factor for cancer

2019. Helsinki, Finland – Pushing back against the normalization of cannabis

2017. Tallinn, Estonia – Alcohol is a cross-border issue

2016. Oslo, Norway – Statement on youth drinking

2015. Helsinki, Finland – The monopoly system is an important corner-stone of Iceland´s effective alcohol policy

2013. Tallinn, Estonia – Alcohol policy in public health perspective for 2014-2020

2012. Malmö, Sweden – Airline companies should ban free alcohol 

2011. Vilnius, Lithuania – Alcohol – no ordinary commodity

2010. Copenhagen, Denmark – Ban all alcohol advertising

2009. Helsinki, Finland – Alcohol advertising must be regulated!

2008. Tallinn, Estonia – Alcohol is not a private matter

2007. Reykjavík, Iceland  – WTO negotiations threaten to increase alcohol problems

2006. Oslo, Norway – Det är dags för en EU-strategi mot alkoholskadorna!