Statutes adopted by the General Assembly on October 15, 2016

1.1.1 The Nordic Alcohol- and Drug Policy Network (NordAN), situated in Türi, Estonia, gathers NGO´s who work to promote evidence based alcohol and drug policies in the Nordic and Baltic countries.
1.1.2 As a network NordAN advocates the prevention and reducing of alcohol- and drug related harm through effective evidence based alcohol- and drug policy in the Nordic and Baltic region.
NordAN strives to be a facilitator and a resource for its members and affiliates, providing service for members, the inter government organisations and the media concerning Health and Social issues in general and Drug and Alcohol Policy in particular, by producing different materials and organizing conferences and seminars.

2.1 Membership
2.1.1 NordAN membership can be granted to Nordic and Baltic organisations, who work to prevent and reduce the use of alcohol and/or drugs and the negative effects of such use.
2.1.2 Membership cannot be granted to organizations which accept financial support from the commercial alcohol industry or from other private actors who profit from alcohol sales.
2.1.3 Applications for membership are decided on by the board. The decisions by the board are to be confirmed by the next meeting of the assembly.
2.2 Assembly of representatives
2.2.1 The assembly of representatives (Assembly) is the highest decision-making body of the network.
2.2.2 The Assembly should annually address the budget for the following year, address any suggested changes for the statutes and accept or decline the accounts and the annual report for the previous year and action plan for the following year.
2.2.3 Board members are nominated by the national member organisations coming from that country and appointed by the Assembly for a period of two years.
2.2.4 President is nominated by the board and elected for two years by the Assembly.
2.2.5 The Assembly meets annually. The invitations should be sent three months before the annual meeting.
2.2.6 The Assembly is composed of one person from each of the member organizations.
2.2.7 In voting each member organization has one vote.
2.2.8 Matters to be decided by the Assembly shall be submitted to the board at least two months before the meeting. They shall be sent to the members of the Assembly at least one month before the meeting.
2.2.9 The working language of the network is English.
2.3 The board
2.3.1 The board consists of the President of NordAN and one representative from each member country (Denmark, Estonia, the Faroe Island, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden)
2.3.2 The board is appointed by the NordAN Assembly of representatives for two years.
2.3.3 The board is responsible for the daily management of the network.
2.3.4 The board appoints the Executive Director and decides on the terms of employment.
2.4 Secretariat
2.4.1 The Executive Director is subordinate to the Board.
2.4.2 The secretariat is located by the decision of the board.
2.4.3 The Executive Director shall coordinate the daily work of the network.

3.1 Management costs
3.1.1 The work of the secretariat is financed through membership fees, the interest from the basic capital, extra contributions, gifts and income from services and projects. The members of NordAN pay an annual due. The due is decided by the annual meeting of the Assembly. Besides the compulsory due, the members are encouraged to give voluntary contributions.
3.1.2 The basic capital comprises of starting funds from IIAP (International Institute for Alcohol Policy) and some member organisations. If an organization wishes to leave the network, the loan can be repaid at one years notice in writing.
3.1.3 If the network is dissolved the accumulated loan capital will be returned to the lenders in shares equal to the original contribution percentage.
3.1.4 The IIAP share of the accumulated basic capital shall be used for research projects in accordance with the statutes of IIAP.
3.1.5 If the capital in paragraph 3.1.2 cannot be returned to any of the member organizations, the funds will be distributed to activities in the respective countries coherent with the objectives of NordAN.
3.2 Distribution of costs
3.2.1 The costs for the President and the Executive Director are covered by NordAN.
3.2.2 The costs for the national board members are covered by the member organizations from each country.
3.2.3 The costs for taking part in the Assembly are covered by each member organization. If needed, the board can decide on subsidies for board members and assembly representatives.
3.3 Auditing
3.3.1 The audit report is submitted to the Assembly with each amount referred to euros.

4.1.1 The statutes can be changed by the Assembly by 2/3 majority of the number of votes at the Assembly.
4.1.2 Proposals on changes shall be submitted to the Board at the latest 2 months prior to the Assembly, enabling the Board to make proper considerations and to send it to the members one month prior to the meeting of the Assembly.

5.1.1 To dissolve the network a ¾ majority of the number of votes are needed at the Assembly.