Actis: concrete measures needed in alcohol strategy

Work on a national alcohol strategy is under way in Norway. Actis calls for concrete measures to reduce alcohol consumption.

Norway has endorsed the goal of reducing harmful alcohol consumption by ten per cent by 2025. If we are to succeed, the alcohol strategy that is being prepared must contain concrete and binding goals, Actis writes.

Alcohol policy does not exist in a vacuum. Consumption is also affected by culture and norms, and vice versa. A recent study from the National Institute of Public Health shows that the majority of 15-16-year-olds refrain from drinking alcohol. They experience less drinking pressure.

Also, among adults, there is an increased demand for beverages without or with a low alcohol content, called the NoLo trend. This is a development that must be supported. The alcohol strategy must facilitate non-alcoholic choices and increase acceptance of not drinking.

In their input to the alcohol strategy, Actis has requested that the essential instruments in Norwegian alcohol policy be strengthened, namely the wine monopoly system, the alcohol taxes, the advertising ban and the licensing system.

Actis also asks for strengthened drug prevention, better treatment capacity for alcohol problems and that Norway must take a clear role in the development of international alcohol policy.

Source: Actis