Alcohol advertising and monitoring section

254189_656617997687992_2089000741_nNordAN´s advertising section was formed in 2013 after the first seminar Alcohol marketing monitoring in NordAN region: from monitoring to control 18-19th of May (2013) in Vilnius (Lithuania) funded by NordAN and organized by the Lithuania Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition (NTAKK).

Policy paper

Participants of the seminar explored possibilities for coordinated marketing monitoring activities within NordAN region and identified the need to formulate NordANs position regarding alcohol marketing issue. The outcome of the seminar was the new NordAN section for Alcohol marketing monitoring and initiation of the policy paper.

Policy paper can be found here. PDF version

The policy paper was prepared by: Nijole Gostautaite Midttun1,2,3, Lauri Beekmann4, Vaida Liutkute1,2, Mindaugas Stelemekas1,2, Aurelijus Veryga1,2, with comments and guidance of Avalon de Bruijn5, Ernesta Paukste7 and members of the NordAN board, review by Tristan Duncan7.

The NordAN board has decided to support the Policy Paper for Alcohol Advertising and Sponsorship ban at its October 10, 2014 meeting in Riga (Latvia) and disseminated it for the consultation round among the NordAN member organizations after the General Assembly meeting in Riga. After the round of consultations it was adopted as policy paper for the whole network at NordAN board meeting on February 24 in Helsinki, Finland.
1. Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Health Research Institute; 2. Lithuanian Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition; 3. Mental Health Initiative (Lithuania); 4. Nordic Alcohol and Drug Policy Network; 5. National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health (European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing); 7. School of Medicine, Griffith University (Australia).

Letter of concern to DNB Bank and Nike (July 28, 2015)

fb-ua400236NordAN´s advertising monitoring section turned attention to DNB | NIKE WE RUN VILNIUS event that took place on May 22 in Vilnius under the DNB flag.

“At the finish of the run all participants, including children, were awarded a partner gift – a can of a non-alcoholic beer produced by the beer company controlling nearly half the Lithuanian beer market,” explained Nijole G. Midttun, representative of the section.

On July 27, NordAN sent a letter of concern to ​DNB´s executive vice president Dag Arne Kristensen, who is responsible for company´s CSR & Corporate Identity  and Nike´s European headquarters. “Nordic Alcohol and Drug Policy Network (NordAN) together with National Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition (Lithuania) consider this as an audacious and unethical marketing of an alcohol brand to children and youth – and in addition at a sports event,” letter states.

Letter points out that exposure to alcohol advertising, owning tokens and things with names of alcohol brands increases the likelihood of harmful consumption in children and young people.

Read the letter to DNB and Nike

2nd SEMINAR Alcohol marketing monitoring in NordAN region: from monitoring to control

Alcohol advertising, sponsorship and overall marketing practices are directed at increasing alcohol consumption and profit for all related industries. Alcohol marketing is highly diverse, creative, finance is redistributed among synergistic industries, increasing efforts to partner industry and politics for circumventing marketing regulations for mutual profit. There is a broad evidence based consensus regarding the most cost effective ways to reduce alcohol consumption and related harm. One of best buys advices by WHO is banning alcohol advertising. Yet in too many instances and in too many countries legal barriers to alcohol marketing are ignored, delayed, overturned. So who do we need to convince to finally institute and implement the evidence based marketing regulations? These were the main questions that the advertising section addressed at its 2nd seminar on September 24-25, 2014 in Vilnius.

Videos from the 2nd seminar in Vilnius

Nijole Gostautaite Midttun, psychiatrist, director Mental Health Initiative and a board member of Lithuanian Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition, explains how the draft position paper for NordAN came about.

PhD Mindaugas Štelemėkas, Junior researcher at LUHS Health Research Institute, Board member of the Lithuanian Coalition for Tobacco and Alcohol Control, introduces his study on alcohol related harm in Lithuania and alcohol policy ranking exercise.

Aurelijus Veryga, MD, PhD, President of National Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition (Lithuania) introduces a plan for a total alcohol advertising ban.

1 SEMINAR Alcohol marketing monitoring in NordAN region

18-19th of May, 2013 in Vilnius.

There are many factors that may encourage alcohol use among young people, and alcohol marketing has been identified as one potential influence. Evidence strongly suggests that alcohol advertising will increase the likelihood that adolescents will start to drink alcohol at a young age and may increase alcohol use among those who already consume alcohol.

Among the speakers were Wim van Dalen from EUCAM, Milda Gostautaite and Vasaris Oržekauskas from media agency Inspired UM.

Videos from the seminar

Vasaris Oržekauskas, managing partner of media agency Inspired UM in Vilnius, speaking about industries ability to guarantee that they dont target young people.

Milda Gostautaite, marketing professional from Vilnius, Lithuania spoke at the NordAN alcohol marketing seminar about trends in alcohol advertising.