Alcohol and cancer (2020/2021)

Start of the project: 31 of May 2020

End of the project: 30 of April 2021

Funded by Stiftelsen Ansvar för Framtiden (SAFF).

Even though alcohol and cancer link is well established, the overall awareness of it is still deficient. Regardless of the country and the level of focus on the issue, much more should be done to raise public understanding that alcohol is a preventable risk factor. By addressing it correctly, we could avoid considerable amounts of cancer cases and cancer deaths.

 In our countries, societies, and institutes, cancer organisations are giving different levels of attention to alcohol as a risk factor. There are those making a real effort to increase the awareness, but there are also those that hardly mention it as a risk factor on their websites. Cancer is yet to enter the state-level alcohol policy discussion in most countries.

With this project, NordAN becomes a facilitator, gathering cancer societies and organisations and NGO advocacy organisations that work, or want to work, with alcohol and cancer link.

Our goal is to map the current situation, find out what these organisations are already doing, and gather best practice examples of campaigns and materials that others can either use or learn from.

 Our primary goal is to bring these organisations together, by creating a platform to share knowledge, experience and additional motivation. We will achieve that through a webinar in September 2020 and a symposium in Copenhagen in March 2021.

 We will prepare a website that will include all the material gathered with the project and useful after the project ends.

 The project will conclude with adopting the Nordic/Baltic alcohol and cancer prevention charter that will aim to set goals for future work and cooperation in raising awareness and preventing cancers caused by alcohol.

 The project will strengthen the cooperation and networking of different organisations and increase cancer organisations’ voices in future alcohol policy discussions.


The project’s main objective is to increase the cooperation between Nordic and Baltic cancer organisations with regions alcohol policy and alcohol harm advocacy organisations in the field of alcohol and cancer awareness.

We aim to increase the sharing of best practices between the organisations and motivate those organisations (cancer societies) that haven’t focused on alcohol.

One of the project’s major deliverables will be a charter of the Nordic and Baltic organisations formulating a position and future roadmap in raising awareness and preventing cancers caused by alcohol.

The project also aims to create a regional digital archive of alcohol and cancer materials, projects and evidence.

Project materials are available from https://www.alcoholandcancer.eu/