Alcohol, pregnancy and infant health – a shared responsibility

Alcohol, pregnancy and infant health – a shared responsibility, is a new report from the IOGT-NTO in collaboration with CERA at the University of Gothenburg, the Swedish Society of Nursing, the Swedish Association of General Practice and the SAFF Foundation.

So far, all responsibility for the unborn child’s health and well-being has been primarily on the woman. It has rarely been talked about the man’s role or the consequences of his alcohol consumption in relation to the unborn child. The report “Alcohol, Pregnancy and Infant Health – A Shared Responsibility” highlights parenthood and the relationship to alcohol as a shared responsibility and an important gender equality issue.

“The most common reaction amongst people who have suffered various types of harm is to wish that they had known more about the
risks – that someone had told them. This is a shared responsibility of society as a whole, and the report also stresses the importance of
preventative measures at societal level,” states the foreword written by the organisations that are the publishers of the report.

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Report is also available in English