Blue Cross Denmark – Giving a Neighbour a Helping Hand!

It is a tradition in Greenland that each monthly payday is dedicated to a party where alcohol plays a huge role. Greenlanders’ consumption of alcohol is on average less than the Danes, but it reflects the fact that more people are completely abstinent. But it is clear that some Greenlanders have heavy alcohol consumption.

From a child’s perspective these days are filled with fear, neglect and unfortunately also sexual abuse. One in three children in Greenland lives with an alcoholic relative while growing up, as one in three girls are sexually abused. Sexual abuse of children is often committed during drunkenness.

Cooperation across the Atlantic
Blue Cross Denmark is therefore reaching out to these children from difficult backgrounds by means of the Danish campaign ”neighbouring help” that has been translated into Greenlandic. This campaign was targeted toward children in Denmark between 2012 and 2013. The “neighbouring help” campaign provided information to the Danish population regarding how to help a child that lives with an alcoholic parent. Blue Cross Denmark has been working on translating the material for the campaign into Greenlandic for a year.

Four Blue Cross employees in Greenland
Four employees from Blue Cross Denmark travelled to Greenland in October 2014. One of them was the general secretary Christian Bjerre.

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