Blue Cross Denmark hosts Nordic Blue Cross conference

From 31 May to 1 June, Blue Cross Denmark will host the Nordic Blue Cross Conference 2022 in Copenhagen. Blue Cross leaders from the Nordic countries and Switzerland will attend the conference.

Blue Cross Denmark provides social aid exclusively in Denmark but is part of the International Blue Cross and Nordic Blue Cross at the management level.

“It is very valuable for both us and the other countries to get inspiration for new initiatives and exchange mutual experiences. The Children’s Blue House is an excellent example of this,” says Christian Bjerre, Secretary-General of Blue Cross Denmark.

Barnets Blå Hus is a support service for children and families from homes with alcohol abuse, which was inspired by Norway and Sweden. There are currently six Children’s Blue House branches in Denmark, and a seventh is just around the corner.

An international voice
One of the reasons why Blue Cross Denmark is part of International Blue Cross is to provide support to countries where the organisation’s work is less strong.

“In Blue Cross Denmark, we have both a high organisational and a high professional level, which we also feel obliged to use to a certain extent to inspire and support Blue Cross work in other countries,” says Christian Bjerre, adding:

“It is important that we also have an international voice that speaks up for the vulnerable and focuses on prevention and help for people with alcohol abuse and their relatives.”

The fact that Switzerland is also taking part in the conference, together with the Nordic countries, is due to the fact that the International Blue Cross has its headquarters in Switzerland.

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