Border trade between Norway and Sweden is growing

A new report from CAN, Central Federation for Alcohol and Drug Information, has mapped the border trade Norway and Sweden.

“Our estimate shows that in 2018, Norwegian border trade amounted to approximately 2.7 million litres of pure alcohol,” said Ulf Guttormsson, Head of Department at CAN.

Volume increased by 16% between 2016 and 2018. During 2018, border trade corresponded to 0.62 litres of pure alcohol per Norwegian resident 15 years and older. This amount is more than twice as large as the calculations previously carried out by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

“Preliminary media data indicates a continued increase in 2019,” says Ulf Guttormsson.

Calculated in Swedish kronor, Statistics Sweden (SCB) has shown that in 2017, alcohol contributed one-tenth of the Norwegian border trade’s total value. 

“Alcohol is included as part of border trade, but it is other goods that are the primary drivers why Norwegians choose to come to Sweden to shop,” says Ulf Guttormsson.

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