Christmas wishes 2019

One of the goals of alcohol policy that we are advocating for is to guarantee a safe childhood and environment for our children. Christmas is in many ways a centre of a happy childhood.

Someone said once that “There’s nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child.” Well, it is the responsibility of parents and grown-ups to make sure that being a child on a Christmas season, is a happy thing. We know, that too often this is not the case. Alcohol is frequently the cause for an unpleasant disturbance.

It is encouraging to see how our member organisations and partners are working every year to raise this issue. Different campaigns, actions, events and appeals speak for these hundreds and thousands of children who are yet to experience what a real Christmas feeling could mean.

Christmas should always be alcohol-free. It is mainly a time for children. They are forming their childhood experiences that they will cherish forever. As another wise person said, “Christmas is a time when you get homesick – even when you’re home.” That is the home you grew up, that you are longing for.

Let’s do our best also this year to help our smallest ones to have the best Christmas season ever. Good luck with all the excellent work you are doing. It is all worth it.

Lauri Beekmann
Executive director, NordAN