NordAN conference 2012 – Malmö, Sweden

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Malmö conference programme 2012 (with presentations)

Saturday 20 October 2012

10.00 Opening of the NordAN Conference

Outi Ojala, president of NordAN

Ingrid Jägerhed LNF Skåne

Carina Nilsson, City of Malmö

10.15 – 11.15 Panel discussion:

What is the most important in the coming year 2013?

Chair of the welfare commitè of the Nordic Council, Siv Fridleifsdóttir

President of Nordgu: Jimmie Norberg

President Lithuanian National Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition

Aurelijus Veryga, MD Phd, Assoc.prof.

Ewy Thörnqvist, the Swedish organisation facts about tobacco. Ewy´s presentation

Moderator Gabriel Romanus, former minister of Social affairs, Honour President of NordAN

11.30 A new actor on the stage. Danish Cancer Association – why engage in alcohol? PRESENTATION

Per Kim Nielsen, Project manager

12.00 New Nordic policy on alcohol and tobacco – folkehelseperspektiv

Chair of the welfare commitee of the Nordic Council, Siv Fridleifsdóttir
Read the original paper and English short version

13.45 – 16.30 Three different options, Womens section, Passive drinking or Cannbis Sections/ Sessions including coffee break



How to support women network and development.

What to expect in future? Overview of ESPAD-survey focusing on girls in NordAN countries professor

Salme Ahlström, Finland

Contributions to women´s recovery, Rita Nielsen, Retretten, Norge

Short presentations and discussion about important challenges for future drug preventive policymaking

– Early drug prevention services for women on internet, Sonja Laine, internet coordinatior, Naistenkartano

R.F., Finland

– The Pink Monster – Resisting aggressive marketing of drugs targeted at young women, Ruth Arvidsson,


– Honour , drug abuse and crime – addressing women´s needs for prevention, care and support,Lena Eriksson, President, NGO Tänk om Malmö, Sweden

Host: Leena Haraké, KSAN

PASSIVE DRINKING – Why has harm to others by alcohol been neglected for so long – and what can be done about it?

Speakers: Hans Olav Fekjaer, psychiatrist, medical director and researcher, Senior advisor, Actis,PRESENTATION

Author of many books and a well known thinker in the field of alcohol and behavior.

Lauri Beekmann, Director of the ETU & board member of NordAN Beekmann´s presentation

Hasse Schneidermann, project manager, NordAN


Host: Lauri Beekmann and Hasse Schneidermann

CANNABIS – Knowledge going deeper

Is the knowledge about cannabis dependency well spread and is there god treatment?

Speaker: Thomas Lundqvist, PhD University of Lund. Psychologist and who has been working with treating young people with Cannabis Dependency for more than 30 years. Works at the Drug addiction Treatment Centre in Lund. Also a member of the network on cannabis treatment facilities in Sweden, involving 70 different units.

Host: Arni Einarsson, Iceland and Mats Gunnarsson, Sweden.

17.00 – 19.00 General Assembly of NordAN

Time to make plans for the future work of NordAN and decide about budget etc.

Sunday 21 October 2012

09.00 – 09.40 How to involve youth into prevention and policy?

Panel discussions with members from Youth NGO:s

09.40 – 09.50 (Short break)
09.50 – 10.30 OPEN FORA – Workshops

Workshops – open fora – get connected, Here you have the possibility to listen to some of the items from the section you didn´t went to. And also put up your field of interest for discussion, we have questions about childconvention, marketing, alcohol and cancer, and many more, you decide!

When you arrive to Malmö you will have opportunity to announce your interest

10.30 – 10.45 Coffee breaks

10.45 – 11.25 OPEN FORA continue, opportunity to change subject

Workshops (continue) open fora – get connected – session two, possibility to change subject
11.30 – 12.00 New findings

Moderate alcohol intake and risk of fetal death – New study from Denmark.

Anne-Marie Nybo Andersen, Professor of Social Epidemiology University of Copenhagen.PRESENTATION

12.00 – 12.30

What does youth ask for ? New study

Anna Raninen,Head of Communications at CAN Stockholm.

Just returned from Australia, Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre. PRESENTATION

12.30 – 13.00 Summary and conclusions