NordAN Conference 2017 – Tallinn, Estonia

Program with presentations

Welcome by NordAN president Peter Allebeck

Keynote speeches – Jevgeni Ossinovski, Health minister of Estonia.
Aurelijus Veryga, Health minister of Lithuania

Plenary on monopoly systems
Moderator – Stig Erik Sjorheim
Maritta Iso-Aho – Alko Executive, Vice President (Finland)
Stina Morian – Systembolaget, Sweden


1. Women’s section
Chair: Leena Haraké, KSAN/WOCAD Sweden
Introduction of two projects run by KSAN in cooperation with Naistenkartano, Blatt Afram and Retretten
– Nordic Girls Rights (funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers)  and
– New Sober Norms in Norden (funded by SAFF Stiftelsen Ansvar för Framtiden)
Discussion about how the participating NGO´s and entities face the situation when Alcohol and other Drugs are targeted, marketed and made available in ways, forms and quantities we have never seen before.  What does it mean for drug preventive gender-specific prevention work and policies and what is needed for a successful approach gaining approval both locally and globally?
Leena Haraké, KSAN,  Helena Palojärvi, Naistenkartano r.y  and Rita Nielsen, Retretten,  Sigridur Björnsdottir, Blatt Afram via Skype,  lead the discussion.

2. Drugs workshop
What´s latest regarding cannabis?
Moderator: Nijole Gostautaite Midttun, NTAKK
Sven Olov Carlsson, Prevent, don’t promote
“Sven-Olov Carlsson works as a project manager since the beginning of this year in the Swedish drug policy project – Prevent, don’t promote. The project is organized by The Educational Association of the Sobriety Movement, NBV in collaboration with the Swedish Council on Alcohol and Drugs, SLAN. The purpose of the project is to increase knowledge and involvement in drug policy and debate among people engaged in NBVs och SLANs membership organizations and those that are worried and concerned about the drug problem but not necessarily directly engaged.”


Plenary on Nordic-Baltic cross-border issues
Nijole Gostautaite Midttun, NTAKK – Business interests opposing to alcohol policy
Kari Vuorinen and Päivi Tiittanen, EHYT – Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention – Long experience with cross-border market, latest developments and what to learn from it

SPECIAL PLENARY – No alcohol while flying
Pilar Carbonell Raya, Balearic Islands government general director of tourism (Spain)
IQ, Bottler – Sara Dinwiddie and Linda Johansson, IQ-initiativet

Plenary on European matters affecting Nordic/Baltic countries
Kalle Dramstad, European Policy Officer, IOGT-NTO – Latest situation with Sweden/UK alcohol advertising controversy
Mariann Skar, Secretary General, Eurocare – Alcohol labelling – will the industry come up with a satisfactory solution or will the Commission intervene? Alcohol policy situation and future in EU
NordAN resolution 2017: Alcohol is a cross-border issue