Danish Health and Medicines Authority: Alcoholism treatment ineffective

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority believes that alcoholism should be treated differently to how it is today. New recommendations propose avoiding the use of Antabus, the drug used in the treatment of 93 per cent of alcoholics in Denmark.

A working group appointed by the authority has reviewed research in the field suggesting that there is no clear evidence that Antabus either increases the possibility of becoming alcohol-free or leads to a reduction in alcohol intake.

“We have looked at a lot of literature and research in the field and also assessed the quality and effectiveness of the literature,” said Gro Askgaard, a doctor and Ph.d student at Rigshospitalet – Copenhagen University Hospital’s liver department, who has been involved in the study.

“It may be that it helps some people, but our study suggests that there is no reason to recommend Antabus for all alcoholics,” she concluded.


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