DENMARK: Strong support for raising the age limit for buying alcohol to 18

Six out of 10 Danes support the government’s proposal to raise the age limit for buying alcohol to 18. There is thus strong support for the government’s proposal and the line taken by the Danish Health Authority in its new recommendations on young people’s drinking habits.

The proposal is strongly supported by voters, according to a new poll conducted by Voxmeter for Blue Cross Denmark.

63 percent of Social Democratic voters support the proposal. The same support is also seen among the Danish People’s Party, SF, Venstre and the Conservative People’s Party, where 66 percent, 65 percent, 59 percent and 58 percent of voters respectively support the proposal. Only the Liberal Alliance and the New Civic Alliance think it is a bad idea.

Blue Cross Denmark, which runs a number of residential and treatment facilities for people with alcohol addiction and support services for their children, is pleased to see broad support among Danes.

“Voters have no doubts, so we hope the parties listen to them. This will be the first step towards a healthier alcohol culture. We know that availability and consumption are linked, and hopefully, a higher age limit can also reduce the drinking pressure that many young people experience when they start secondary education. That you don’t have to drink just because you’re 16,” says Christian Bjerre, Secretary-General of Blue Cross Denmark.

In the new poll from Voxmeter, there is also support from young voters. Among 18-27-year-olds, almost 55% of voters think it is a good idea to raise the age limit to 18.

The proposal for an 18-year limit comes a few weeks after the Danish Health Authority’s new recommendations on alcohol, which include advising young people under 18 not to drink alcohol. With this statement in mind, Christian Bjerre hopes that the parties will take responsibility and follow the new course in this area.

“During the corona crisis, we saw that the parties followed the recommendations of the Danish Health Authority, so we hope that this will also be the case when it comes to alcohol.”

Today, young people aged 16 and 17 can buy beer, alcoholic soft drinks and drinks with a maximum of 16.4% alcohol, while you have to be 18 to buy stronger alcohol.

Source: Blue Cross Denmark