ESTONIA: Cross-border trade brings in 500,000 liters of beer, not millions

The Ministry of Finance said on Wednesday that approximately 500,000 liters of beer had been brought into Estonia within five months, contradicting earlier data by the Estonian Food Industry Association, who had talked about several million liters.

“The Estonian Tax and Customs Board estimates that short-term visitors to Latvia have brought approximately half a million liters of beer to Estonia in five months. This accounts for a very small part of the total consumption of beer in Estonia” spokesman for the Ministry of Finance, Ott Heinapuu, told BNS.

This position is also supported by Latvian statistics. As any alcohol bought as part of cross-border trade must be reflected in the tax revenue earned by Latvia, the increase in cross-border trade to millions of liters this year would have to be highlighted in the country´s tax receipts, which it isn´t.

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