ESTONIA: Second beer, cider excise duty hike of year to take effect Saturday

The second increase in the excise duty on beer and cider in Estonia this year, which will take effect on July 1, will hike the rate of the duty 70 percent to 15.52 cents per percent of alcohol by volume (ABV) per liter.

While after the first hike a standard 0.5 liter bottle of beer cost on average €1.11, following Saturday’s hike, its price will climb to approximately €1.29. Meanwhile, a bottle of apple cider with 4.5 percent ABV that previously cost €1.29 and cost €1.32 after the February hike will cost €1.46 beginning on Saturday, the Ministry of Finance has previously said.

The Supreme Court of Estonia announced on Friday that the court does not think that the legislative body’s decision to increase the excise duty on beer and cider faster than planned is unconstitutional. The chancellor of justice had turned to the Supreme Court to determine whether the sped-up increase in alcohol taxes was in conformity with the Constitution, citing that the rapid increase interferes with the freedom to conduct business of companies involved in handling alcohol.

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