Estonia’s alcohol consumption per adult continues to drop in 2016

Annual consumption of alcohol in Estonia declined to 9.9 liters of absolute alcohol per adult resident in 2016, it appears from an annual review presented at a conference of the National Institute for Health Development (NIHD) on Wednesday.

According to the same data, published in the yearbook titled “Alcohol Market, Consumption and Harms in Estonia 2017,” 11.1 liters of absolute alcohol was consumed per adult resident in Estonia in 2014 and 10.5 liters in 2015.

NIHD director Marje Josing said that it was positive that alcohol consumption per resident in Estonia had dropped for the fourth year running. “At the same time, those who reduce consumption are mainly those who were moderate consumers to begin with,” she noted, listing price increases caused by higher excise duties and changing attitudes as the main factors influencing the drop in consumption. “People increasingly value healthy lifestyles and wish to spend their leisure time without alcohol.”

The institute director also admitted, however, that a danger is posed by more favorably-priced cross-border purchases in Latvia, which may lead to increases in consumption again.

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