Harm to others conference in Tallinn

When: 30 March 2015
Where: Tallinn, Estonia

passive_drinkinPassive drinking refers to the damage done to someone as a result of other people’s drinking. Impacts vary dramatically, from petty costs due to damaged property, to serious harms like sexual harassment, drink driving and alcohol-fuelled violence, such as domestic violence.
We know the health implications of passive smoking, to the point where we make active choices to reduce the potential harms it causes. Passive drinking is the same issue in many ways, and its impacts can be just as severe. However, it’s not yet as widely discussed or understood.

NordAN co-hosted a special event in Tallinn, Estonia on March 30 focusing on passive drinking or harm to others.

Dr Ann Hope from Ireland is the author of two reports covering Ireland and Scotland. PRESENTATION

Dr Inger Synnøve Moan from Norway is working with the issue as a researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research (SIRUS). PRESENTATION

And Dr Christoffer Tigerstedt from Finland was one of the authors of Harm to Others report in Finland. He is working at the National Institute for Health and Welfare. PRESENTATION

NordAN´s Estonian member organisation, Estonian Temperance Union, is doing this year a media campaign on passive drinking, funded by Norway Grants. The event is part of the campaign introducing also the TV clip and other elements of the larger project. Conference is also co-funded by Ministry of Social Affairs and Tallinn Social Welfare and Health Care Department.