NordAN SEMINAR: What can be achieved through SOCIAL MARKETING (presentations)

When: 14 March 2014
Where: Elimäenkatu 25-27, Helsinki FINLAND

Social MarketingEvidence shows that the most effective measures to cut alcohol related harm, reduce smoking and control illegal markets are policy measures. In different countries we see that these policies are not introduced or are poorly enforced.

In most cases policies need public support. Precondition for that is raised awareness. Is this where social marketing comes to play and becomes a crucial part in policy making? What can we expect from social marketing campaigns?

NordAN seminar

March 14, 11:00-16.30

At the offices EHYT ry – Elimäenkatu 25-27, Helsinki FINLAND


11.00 Welcome and introduction
Lauri Beekmann, Secretary General of NordAN

11.10 Welcome to EHYT
Kristiina Hannula, Director of EHYT

11.25 Communication campaigns between policies and practices
Professor Triin Vihalemm, Department of Journalism and Communication, University of Tartu, Estonia


12.10 Case nr 1 – IQ Sweden

Magnus Jägerskog, CEO IQ

13.00 LUNCH

13.45 Case nr 2 – Norwegian campaign “Alcohol free pregnancy”
Marianne Virtanen, senior adviser The Norwegian Directorate of Health

14.30 Case nr 3 – The Cancer Society of Finland
Sakari Karjalainen, Secretary General of Cancer Society of Finland
Heidi Löflund-Kuusela, Project Coordinator

15.15 Case nr 4 – Finnish campaign My body. My decision. (www.munkroppa.fi)
Eeva Parviainen, marketing specialist, National Institute for Health and Welfare

15.35 DISCUSSION – moderated by Anna Raninen (Centralförbundet för alkohol- och narkotikaupplysning, CAN)
How to use this tool better and what would it take for us to cooperate more?