FASD Nordic focuses on alcohol and drug-related birth defects

FASD Nordic is a collaborative project between the Nordic countries. The idea was initiated at an expert meeting arranged by the Nordic Welfare Center in Helsinki in the fall of 2019 (read more about this). The participants of the meeting agreed on the need for a website for the exchange of research and information material on alcohol and drug-related birth defects. FAS-föreningen in Sweden was given the trust to build a structure for such a platform and we are now launching FASD Nordic.

The goal is for FASD Nordic to contribute to disseminating knowledge about alcohol and drug-related birth defects between those who work professionally and do research in the area as well as between organizations, authorities and NGOs in the Nordic countries.

So far, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden have opened their own pages on the platform, presenting the resources available in each country. The FAS Association is responsible for web administration of FASD Nordic, but each country is responsible for its own content.

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