FINLAND: Government Resolution on drug policy for 2021–2023 adopted

The Government Resolution on drug policy will continue national cooperation in preventing drug-related harm. The Resolution was adopted on 9 December 2021.

Drug prevention work will be improved through a multidisciplinary approach

The drug policy emphasises the importance of early intervention through official multidisciplinary measures in the problems of young people with a view to preventing drug addiction, criminal behaviour and social exclusion. Drug prevention work will be improved through a multidisciplinary approach for various age groups. The Action Plan on Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs and Gambling will prioritise better recognition of experimenting with drugs and development of small-scale intervention models.

Client-centred approach and accessibility in substance abuse services

The health and social services reform will assign substance abuse services to the responsibility of wellbeing services counties. Substance abuse services will be improved by reforming legislation to provide substance abuse and mental health services to those who need them on an equal footing with other client and patient groups. The preparation of this legislation will accommodate a client-centred approach, access to and accessibility of services, quality of services and targeting of services on groups that are vulnerable for various reasons.

Reduction of harm

Measures to reduce the harm caused by drug use support the wellbeing of drug users and the security of the environment. The availability of low-threshold health and social counselling services for drug users will be improved and the establishment of permanent health counselling for drug users will be ensured as part of the health and social services reform.

Prevention of drug-related crime is based on cooperation

Efforts will be made to restrict the supply of drugs through optimal efficiency in detecting and investigating drug-related offences. Control of drug-related crime will be based on the joint multidisciplinary information-driven work of public authorities and on analysed data. Close international cooperation and exchanges of information will also help to ensure effective enforcement of criminal liability in cross-border drug offences.

Source: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health