Finland: Police bust record number of drug-drivers

The number of drivers testing positive for narcotics has increased while fewer people are caught driving drunk, figures released on Wednesday show.

Statistics from the National Bureau of Investigation reveal that Finland’s 12 police regions, the Border Guard and the Customs sent 12,000 blood samples to the Criminal Intelligence and Forensic Laboratory for further testing in 2017.

Some 7,600 were tested for drugs and 6,400 for alcohol. Some were tested for both. Compared with 2016, the number of samples where the driver was suspected of taking drugs increased by 15 percent. In some 92 percent of cases, the result came out positive.

Nonetheless, in most cases where drivers in Finland were caught driving under the influence, alcohol was to blame. This is because only blood samples, not the breathalyzer tests conducted by the police departments, were included in the statistics.

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