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Finland: Several ruling-party MPs rebel against alcohol law reform

Twenty-eight Members of the Finnish Parliament, including 15 members of the Centre Party, have issued a joint statement calling for amendments to the bill to reform the alcohol legislation of Finland.

The issue has been a bone of contention within the Centre Party. Some of its members have proposed that beers with an alcohol content exceeding 3.7 per cent be sold exclusively by Alko, a state-owned alcohol retail monopoly. The reform bill, by contrast, would raise the maximum strength of alcoholic beverages sold at grocery shops from 4.7 to 5.5 per cent.

The signatories to the joint statement are demanding that additional emphasis be placed on the views of experts who have expressed their opposition to the reform bill.

“Not one of the expert organisations (18), and not one of the social and health care providers and organisations preventing the adverse effects of alcohol use that issued a statement (11) is supportive of the draft bill,” they point out.

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