FINLAND: Total consumption of alcoholic beverages down by 3% in 2021

The total consumption of alcohol in 2021 was 9.0 liters at 100% alcohol per inhabitant over the age of 15 years. Total consumption decreased by 3.0% compared to 2020.

Total consumption of alcoholic beverages consists of retail sales of alcoholic beverages and retail and on-premises sales of alcoholic beverages in Finland, as well as alcohol imported by Finns from abroad and online purchases of alcohol.

“The impact of the corona epidemic on overall consumption of alcoholic beverages is still being felt. The decrease in overall consumption is mainly due to a decrease in travellers’ imports of alcohol. For the second year in a row, travellers’ imports halved. Domestic sales of alcoholic beverages decreased only slightly by 0.7% compared to 2020,” says Thomas Karlsson, Senior Expert at THL.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages increased in restaurants – but most alcoholic beverages are still purchased in grocery stores and Alko shops

The consumption of alcoholic beverages served in restaurants increased by around 6% per person aged 15 and over compared to 2020. At the onset of the corona epidemic in 2020, on-licence consumption fell by around 41%.

Purchases of alcoholic beverages from retail outlets, i.e. grocery stores and Alko, decreased slightly (-0.7%) compared to 2020. However, 83% of all alcohol was purchased through retail outlets in 2021.

Consumption of mixed drinks continued to grow

Consumption of mixed drinks such as long drinks increased by around 9%, and consumption of strong beer with an alcohol content of over 4.7% by volume increased by around 5% in 2021.

Beers remained the largest beverage category with a 46% share. Spirits accounted for 21% of consumption.

Source: THL