Finnish study: Alcohol reform would boost consumption

If passed by Parliament, the Finnish government’s proposed alcohol reform could have a great impact on consumer purchasing habits. According to a new report, the reform would lead to significantly lower prices for strong beer, a decrease in the amount of alcohol brought to Finland from Estonia by Finnish travellers, and an increase in alcohol consumption.

Stores in Finland would be able to sell drinks containing up to 5.2 percent alcohol such as strong beer. The current limit for retail grocery sales is 4.7 percent alcohol.

That difference may sound insignificant, but a new Taloustutkimus Research survey commissioned by the Finnish Grocery Trade Association says the consequences could be great. It claims that retail prices for strong beers and ciders will drop by 40 percent. The survey also says that this will lead to an increase in alcohol sales, but owing to taxation differences beer containing 3.5 to 4.7 percent will become a more affordable option.

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