Finns fetch less spirits from Estonia

Since last July stricter rules apply to Finns regarding alcohol bought to bring home from Estonia, as also reflected in second half-year sales, Postimees writes.

Currently, 110 litres of beer, 90 litres of wine and ten litres of other alcoholic beverages may be taken to Finland tax-free. With quantities greater than that, one needs to prove the alcohol is acquired for personal use such as for family members, for gifts or for parties. Whoever fails to prove that will have to pay customs duty.

While Estonia has no national statistics on buys by tourists, proceeds from alcohol excise were down in second half of last year – to confirm that the Finns bought less. For the year, total proceeds from alcohol excise underperformed budget expectations by €5m.

Finance minister Maris Lauri (Reform Party) also said that alcohol producers are exaggerating when blaming all their hardships on excise rise alone – the main reason being that alcohol sales are down.

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