Greenlanders getting a little healthier

Inuits among the world’s healthiest indigenous peoples, but much remains to be accomplished.

Greenlandic Inuits, the country’s native people, experience many of the same health and social issues as other indigenous peoples like the Aborigines in Australia and Sami in Sweden and 5,000 other indigenous populations listed by the UN around the world.

A new study by a scientific journal, the Lancet, has collected information on the health and social conditions of 28 of those indigenous groups’ health and social conditions. The welfare of the natural population is compared to that of the colonial power that took control of their countries: Greenlanders are compared to Danes, Aboriginals to Australians and the Canadian Inuit to Canadians.

Infant mortality in Greenland has fallen over recent years, and alcohol consumption has decreased to be on a par with the rest of the Danish population.

Source: The Copenhagen Post