Heavy drinking increases the risk of violence and accidents among young people

Adolescents who drink frequently are at greater risk of having an accident or episode of violence compared to adolescents who do not, according to new report.

Danish young people start drinking earlier, and they also drink more than their European peers, previous studies have shown. But the damage that can follow from this has not been focused on before.

A new report from the National Institute of Public Health now shows that young people between the ages of 15 and 20 who binge drink, ie drink more than five drinks on the same occasion, are at greater risk of having an accident than young people who do not binge drink.

The report draws on data from 62,000 young people aged 15-20 years. They answered questions about their alcohol habits in 2014 and have subsequently been followed for four years via hospital records to gather information about accidents and episodes of violence.

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