ICELAND: 31% Of Inmates Suicidal, 80% Addicted To Drugs

Sppeaking at a conference hosted by SÁÁ, the National Centre of Addiction Medicine, Þrá­inn Farest­veit, director of the halfway house Vernd, said that many former inmates face isolation upon returning to society.

He, furthermore, said that a number of inmates have little to no education and that many suffer from learning disabilities. Only a third finished primary school and a quarter of inmates were unhappy during their schooling years. Around 40% are dyslexic, 31% have a writing disability, 51% have ADHD and 42% ADD.

Þór­ar­inn Tyrf­ings­son­, Head Doctor at the rehab centre Vogur, claims said that a vast majority of criminals doing time in Icelandic prisons are addicts, which contributes greatly to their issues.

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