ICELAND: Alcohol policy change proposals didn´t reach Parliament discussions

Iceland´s Ministry of Education and Culture was considering lifting the ban on advertising alcohol and tobacco products, media reported this April. Removing the retail monopoly system was also discussed again, but these threats to Icelandic alcohol policy have been defeated, once again.

Back in April minister of Education and Culture Lilja Dögg Alfreðsdóttir said the ministry is considering how alcohol ads would impact media. “Of course, I think the most important thing regarding these ads is when we make a decision that we have a public health perspective as our guiding principle,” she added via RUV.

“It is now clear that the bill on allowing the sale of alcohol in ordinary stores and abolition of the ad8299vertising ban on alcohol will not pass the Parliament this time, once again,” Arni Einarsson, the NordAN board member from Iceland told us. “It never reached the level of being discussed in the Parliament. It is a relief but it does not mean that it will not appear once again next fall when the next Parliament session starts. The same fate faced the bill on allowing farm sale of alcohol. It was not processed in the Parliament. So, we are still keeping our alcohol policy unchanged for now,” Einarsson concluded.