Iceland legalizes alcohol farm sales

A bill to allow the sale of alcohol at the production site was approved as a law in Althingi last Friday. The law takes effect at the end of the month.

The law allows the holder of a production license that produces less than half a million litres of alcohol in a calendar year to sell it at the place of production. A bill to that effect was approved unanimously by the 54 MPs present at the vote.

Jón Gunnarsson, Minister of Justice, welcomed the consensus in the Althingi on the changes. “It is time to review the legislation we have in these matters. It does not stand the test of time and the changes that have taken place in our society and around us make demands to the parliament to shoulder the responsibility to implement changes in line with the new times,” said the Minister.

The law was initially supposed to take effect on January 1 next year. However, MPs approved the amendment proposed by Bryndís Haraldsdóttir, MP for the Independence Party, that it take effect immediately on July 1.

In a statement accompanying the proposal, Bryndís said that it was important for the law to enter into force earlier so that it would be possible to offer sales at a production site during the high season for tourism this summer.

NordAN deems this decision problematic in light of the fact that the retail monopoly system and its retail exclusivity system is the cornerstone of a public health-focused alcohol policy.

Source: Visir