Iceland: MP Calls for Smoking Age to Increase to 21

Siv Friðleifsdóttir, member of the Icelandic parliament and former government minister, is calling for the purchasing age for tobacco products to be increased. She says Iceland should look towards other countries which have increased the smoking age to 21 for inspiration in trying to stop people getting hooked in the first place, Iceland Review reports.

“There are very few people who start smoking when they are, as you say in inverted commas, adults. People who start smoking are usually teenagers who are in many ways not making an informed decision based on knowledge and rationality,” Siv told Bylgjan radio.

“This issue is being looked at very closely all over the world and harder regulations are being proposed. Not only in tobacco restrictions but also in alcohol restriction. It’s like that these days. It is old fashioned to stay quiet on these issues,” she says.

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