Iceland ranks lowest amongst adolescent alcohol drinkers in Europe

Iceland has been ranked amongst the lowest adolescent consumers of alcohol in Europe, according to studies.

Various studies on alcohol consumption have stated that Iceland has the lowest volume of binge drinkers, IceNews reports. Icelandic students were asked by PEDIATRICS on whether they had ever been binge drinking, with only 6 percent claiming yes, compared to 38 percent in Holland, as an example.
PEDIATRICS stated, “Icelandic youth had the lowest rates of binge drinking, whereas youths in The Netherlands, Scotland and Germany had the highest.”

The journal added, “Factors that were associated with binge drinking included peer drinking, sensation seeking and rebelliousness, school performance, age and sibling drinking.”

In addition to the aforementioned, Lead author Dr Reiner Hanewinkel, of the Institute for Therapy and Health Research in Keil, Germany, explained, “The drinking cultures in countries like Scotland, Germany and Holland are the same but in Iceland they are different because people have maybe one or two drinks with a meal. They don’t drink in binges.”

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