Icelanders happy with their alcohol monopoly

The conclusion of a new survey by Rúnar Vilhjálmsson, sociology professors at the University of Iceland is that nearly seven out of ten Icelanders oppose a bill now under the Althingi authorizing the sale of alcohol in stores. This shows that people’s opposition to the alcohol bill is increasing.

69.2 percent of the population is opposed to the bill, but 30.8 percent are in favor.

A summary of the survey states the following:
The vast majority of the population is opposed to a bill on the sale of alcohol in retail stores. In almost all community groups, the majority is opposed to the bill. The above results are essentially similar to previous surveys on this subject in Iceland in recent years and months.

It is worth noting that all major professionals and institutions in this area in Iceland have expressed their opposition to the bill and highlighted the results of studies which show that increased availability to alcohol leads to increased alcohol consumption and alcohol related problems.

It is therefore surprising that Parliament’s time is spent on discussion of issues of this type of parliament after parliament.

Source: http://forvarnir.is/page/frae_forsida