Increase in excise duty for alcohol pushed forward in Lithuania

The increase in excise duty for alcohol (proving the privileges for the small companies producing beer) are pushed forward. Such income sources are being considered by the Pension Compensation Working Group. The conclusions which will be presented to the Political Council should be prepared on Wednesday, reports Baltic Course.

“The issue related to the excide duty is on the table. Regrettably, it is not the sustainable and sufficient source due to the simple reason – the greater increase in the excise duty for alcohol will lead to the shadow economy and illegal production of alcohol,” said Lithuania’s Minister of Finance Rimantas Sadzius.

While talking about the excide duty increase, the minister paid the attention to the cider prices.

“It seems to me that there a political agreement to consider the cider prices. The cider prices should be raised,” said Sadzius.

Source: The Baltic Course

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