IQ: Alcohol becoming more accepted in Sweden

Swedes are renowned for being ‘lagom’ but a new study on the alcohol habits of the Nordic nation looks set to challenge their reputation for moderation, The Local reports.

Swedish attitudes towards alcohol have become increasingly permissive over the past five years, according to an alcohol study by the organization IQ.

Grabbing a casual beer or two after work with friends is a behaviour more typically associated with English culture but there is growing evidence that meeting up for an ‘afterwork’ is gaining acceptance in Sweden, with less than one in five saying they thought it was wrong.

“We drink more often and in different contexts today than we did ten or twenty years ago. Alcohol is more present in our everyday lives, which also affects our attitude towards alcohol,” Magus Jägerskog, CEO of IQ said.

However he warned that the change in attitude was not risk free.

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