Latvia: 37% of residents have purchased illegal alcohol at least once

37 percent of economically active residents of Latvia have admitted to purchasing illegal alcohol at least once in their lives, with many also admitting that the State Police is not doing enough to combat the sale of illegal alcohol, according to a survey carried out by the market, social and media research company “TNS Latvia” and the LNT television channel’s news program “900 Seconds”.
At the same time, 60 percent of respondents admitted that they have personally never purchased illegal alcohol. The highest proportion of those who have never purchased illegal alcohol are residents of Riga and the surrounding area, females, as well as persons with a university degrees.
Read the whole article from Latvian News portal.
When it comes to the most effective measure to reduce alcohol consumption, raising taxes, it is clear that in all three Baltic countries, the threat of illegal market is something to be aware of. Tax raise has to be supported by strong enforcement and police work.

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