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Latvian booze cruising

Getting drunk is an expensive pastime in Finland, and down the years that’s prompted resourceful people to find new ways to get tipsy. From stills in the barn to home brewed beer, it’s a never-ending story and Iltalehti reports on Friday that there’s now a new, Latvian chapter.

Since Estonia joined the European Union in 2000 travellers have been able to bring back plentiful supplies from Tallinn, which is just two hours from Helsinki on pleasant, regular and cheap ferry services. Sometimes it seems as though Finns barely notice the historic Old Town, the delightful Kalamaja district near the harbour or many of the stylish dining options the Estonian capital now offers, so focused are they on acquiring the maximum possible haul of 24-packs of sweetly haze-inducing lonkero and beer.

Unfortunately for these focused explorers, Tallinn isn’t as cheap as it used to be thanks to hikes in alcohol taxes and increased prices in stores. Now the more intrepid booze cruisers are heading all the way to Valka in Latvia, and Iltalehti went with them.

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