Latvian ‘Booze-for-Hire’ Scheme

A Latvian company’s scheme to circumvent liquor laws by hiring out rather than selling alcoholic drinks backfired on Thursday when tax authorities pulled its license and launched an audit, NDTV reports.

The company, Seavita, raised eyebrows running billboards in the southern town of Bauska — famous for its brewery — promoting an “Alco Club” where members could rent out booze.

How drinkers were supposed to return the booze they consumed was never spelt out in Seavita’s terms and conditions.

Latvia’s State Revenue Service (VID) said Thursday Seavita was not allowed to loan liquor to its customers and had refused to cooperate with authorities trying to check its bizarre business model.

“Property that can only be used for purposes of consumption cannot be rented out,” VID said.

Seavita’s “Alco Club” members were also promised pizza-style 24-hour home delivery of their favourite hooch in an attempt to circumvent laws preventing the retail sale of alcoholic drinks between 10 pm and and 8 am.

Source: NDTV

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