Latvian presidency will promote a ‘healthy lifestyle’

Latvian Health Minister Guntis Belēvičs writes in an opinion article at the Parliament Magazine that Latvia has “set the promotion of a healthy lifestyle as one of the main priorities of the presidency.”

Although the priority will be set on the “new EU health legislation to improve patient safety and quality,” promotion of healthy lifestyles will include both illegal drugs and alcohol.

“During the next six months, we will also continue the council discussions on regulations aimed at tackling problems related to rapidly emerging new psychoactive substances used as alternatives to illicit drugs. We hope to reach a general approach in the council in order to move forward this important legislation,” Belēvičs writes.

“To address common alcohol-related problems, we plan on continuing the work of the committee for national alcohol policy, created by the European commission to support member states in their work on alcohol policy. In Latvia, the ministry of health has already drafted several proposals and amendments of draft laws intended to decrease consumption of alcoholic beverages,” he adds.

Alcohol policy advocates will find it troubling that neither new European Alcohol Strategy nor even the implementation of the Alcohol Action plan are mentioned here.

Source: The Parliament Magazine

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