Lithuania is refocusing to total ban on alcohol advertising

Lithuanian Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition, member organisation of NordAN, decided this September to start another campaign against alcohol advertising. Lithuania has been very close to total ban only few years ago.

“In response to the dramatic increase in alcohol-related problems in Lithuania, policy measures, including alcohol advertising and availability restrictions combined with taxation increase, were implemented in 2007-08. Simultaneously, a full alcohol advertising ban was adopted to take effect from 1 January 2012. Therefore, the alcohol industry responded with extensive lobbying aiming to revoke this ban, and ultimately they succeeded at the end of December 2011,” the leaders of the Coalition wrote in their article published in journal Addiction earlier this year.

Have a look at the interview with Coalitions president dr Aurelijus Veryga.

PhD Mindaugas Štelemėkas, Junior researcher at LUHS Health Research Institute, Board member of the Lithuanian Coalition for Tobacco and Alcohol Control, introduces his study on alcohol related harm in Lithuania and alcohol policy ranking exercise.

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