Marcis Trapencieris: problems caused by alcohol cost Latvia 80 million annually

Latvia loses nearly 20 thousand years of life and EUR 80 million annually because of problems caused by alcohol: premature deaths, disabilities and all kinds of illnesses, says Marcis Tapencieris, researcher of the Philosophy and Sociology Institute of the University of Latvia and a NordAN board member from Latvia.

The researcher believes it is immensely important to reduce availability of strong alcoholic drinks. It is also important to balance excise tax between strong alcohol and so-called strong beer.

Measures to reduce availability of strong alcoholic drinks especially apply to the demographic of young people in the country, because alcohol consumption has the largest negative impact on youngsters’ health. It is also the leading cause of death among young people. This includes alcohol overdose and drunk driving. Habitual consumption of alcohol also causes serious health problems, including cancer.

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