Minister Huovinen wishes to tighten alcohol taxation in Finland

The availability of alcohol must see new restrictions, says Minister of Health and Social Services Susanna Huovinen.

The evaluation memo of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health proposes stricter alcohol taxation and an adulteration of medium-strength beer. Extensions in nightclub opening hours and the sales times of medium-strength beer in shops should be cut down, reports Finland Times.

The objective is to reduce the adverse effects of alcohol. Huovinen informs that she is “ambitious” about steering the entire amendment and that the goal is to have the legislation processed by Parliament during the spring term. This calls for heavy negotiations with the largest parliamentary group, the National Coalition. According to Huovinen negotiations have not yet been initiated.

“This is why it is too early to expand upon the coming measures. I do feel that we have to keep in mind the goal of reaching a permanent decline in the overall consumption of alcohol,” she says.

“The World Health Organisation and all our health experts believe that the three most important measures are to limit availability, prices and advertisement.”

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