New alcohol advertising restrictions came to force in Finland

New changes to alcohol advertising laws in Finland are drastically reducing the number of alcohol adverts visible on the streets and in the media in Finland. The new rules are intended to reduce the alcohol advertising seen by children.

Advertising of hard liquor has been banned for decades, and the new measures will now apply to drinks with more than 1.2 percent alcohol.

Radio and TV advertising of mild alcohol drinks can continue but can only be aired after 10 p.m. instead of current 9 p.m..

The main intention of the ban on outdoor advertisement of mild alcohol products is to protect young people in particular.
However, ice hockey stadiums will be an exception. Beer logos will continue to be seen inside ice hockey halls, on players’ clothing and the sides of the rinks.

While advertising on newspapers and Internet continues to be admissible, Finnish companies maintaining alcohol related Internet sites must delete or block any customer praise of alcohol.

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