New Estonian government: Excise duties on beer, wine, cider to rise

The new Estonian coalition government sworn in on Wednesday is planning to raise the beer excise duty by 65 percent to 13.7 cents per percentage by volume for a liter of beer as of July 2017, and by 166 percent from the present to 22.09 cents per percentage by volume for a liter of beer by 2020.

“In deciding on the rise in alcohol excise duty rates, it has been reckoned with that cross-border trade between Finland and Estonia will decrease somewhat and will increase somewhat between Latvia and Estonia,” Maria Murakas, of the Ministry of Finance’s public relations department, told BNS on Tuesday.

The move will apparently force major retail chains to cut the markup on beer and to apply wider markups to other goods to avoid loss of income, a senior Estonian official said at a conference on Wednesday.

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