New website on alcohol and cancer

On World Cancer Day, NordAN launched a new website on alcohol and cancer. www.alcoholandcancer.eu is a cooperation between NordAN, Eurocare and European Cancer Leagues. The same day, the European Commission launched its Beating Cancer Plan, which included clear measures to address also alcohol, a modifiable risk factor for cancer. The Plan pointed out that “cancer was the leading cause of alcohol-attributable deaths with a share of 29%” and set a target “to achieve a relative reduction of at least 10% in the harmful use of alcohol by 2025.”

NordAN’s project, funded by Stiftelsen Ansvar för Framtiden, lasts till April of this year and aims to bring together different national cancer societies and NGO-s to focus on alcohol and cancer. The website is intended to present the evidence on alcohols carcinogenicity and showcase the actions that our region’s countries are taking to raise awareness and tackle this avoidable harm.

As we have found, the levels of awareness are typically low everywhere. Regardless of the different efforts taken by cancer organisations, state agencies and NGO-s, people still don’t believe/know that alcohol is one of the main reasons for cancer. alcoholandcancer.eu is intended to be a source of information and contact.

This project grew into a broader collaboration between NordAN, Eurocare and European Cancer Leagues. Eurocare started alcoholandcancer.eu already ten years ago, but it was inactive for the last few years. In this joint action, the website was now relaunched and in time will include action reports from all other European countries as well.

Visit, discover, share and come back. This is a resource meant for everyone to use.

Lauri Beekmann, Executive director