NordAN´s open letter concerning the future of the Lithuanian alcohol control policy

Nordic Alcohol and Drug Policy Network sent an open letter today to the Government and the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania concerning the restructuring of the Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Control Department in Lithuania.

“NordAN finds the  restructuring plans surprising, since the Department was founded in 2011 and has proven to be a valuable asset for the alcohol, drug and tobacco policy work in Lithuania. The planned changes to move control functions – that are now concentrated in the Drug, Tobacco and  Alcohol Control Department – to other ministries and institutions that are not focused on public health, raise concern that the Lithuanian Government does not give priority to the public health needs of the population,” the letter states.

Lithuania ranks third in per capita consumption of alcohol in the world. Lithuania also ranks among the ten European countries with the highest death rate among drug addicts, according to a report published by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction in 2013.


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