NordAN conference will discuss the future of international alcohol policy

NordAN is inviting its members and partners this year to Stockholm (October 5-6) where the annual conference is titled “Nordic and Baltic alcohol policy model”.

Nordic alcohol policy has been a model for the rest of the world for many decades. According to Professor Robin Room “The idea of ‘alcohol policy,’ itself seems to be a Nordic coinage”, (Room, 1999). Nordic countries have been the thriving force behind key developments in international alcohol policy, such as European Alcohol Strategy (2006) and WHO Global Alcohol Strategy (2011).

In recent years Baltic countries, mainly Lithuania and Estonia, have stepped up and prioritized public health-oriented alcohol policy. This is clearly the region where WHO Global Alcohol Strategies 10 policy areas are implemented and with that experience, there is plenty share with others.

We are approaching a couple of important dates.

# In 2019 EU Parliament elections when the future of European alcohol policy could get a new beginning.

# In 2020 when WHO´s Global Alcohol Strategy´s, and with that also WHO Europe´s alcohol action plans, time is running out.

It is a crucial moment to keep the momentum and give an input to these important processes. Nordic and Baltic countries have the experience and knowledge to share and that is where this years NordAN conference is focusing on. We will look at the success of a longstanding Nordic dedication to this topic and to the political courage and innovative approach of the Baltic countries. We can also point out the challenges that the future international strategies should address.

NordAN conference will gather experts from different Nordic and Baltic countries with representatives from different key international institutions and organisations. Our goal is to formulate a clear and understandable recommendation to WHO and European Parliament.

The conference website is now open. And you can sign up HERE.

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